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Tomato-free chili

So my dad of all people has figured out how to make chili for me without tomatoes — but it still tastes like there’s tomato in it! It’s the best thing ever, especially when it’s made with steak. But I have no idea how he gets the spices to mimic tomato …

Recipe exchange experiment: Butternut squash bake and fudge

So the recipe exchange experiment was pretty much a failure on my end, but I did get two recipes out of it: butternut squash bake and a recipe for a single-serving of fudge. Continue reading

For the love of hummus

I’ve never really liked mayonnaise, and I don’t know why. I always chose mustard on sandwiches instead of mayo and opted for non-mayo pasta salads over mayo-heavy macaroni salad. I could just tolerate it in things like chicken salad if the mayo was light. So when I cut out eggs, I had a great excuse … Continue reading

New healthy foods to try in 2012

This morning, Dr. Joy Bauer listed her top healthy food for 2012 on the Today show. (See: Today show “Healthy Food for 2012” video) Although Ann Curry began the segment with “move over quinoa” (which I still love) and “put down those kale chips” (which I’ve been meaning to try), this list is pretty awesome. … Continue reading