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Recipe exchange experiment: Butternut squash bake and fudge

So the recipe exchange experiment was pretty much a failure on my end, but I did get two recipes out of it: butternut squash bake and a recipe for a single-serving of fudge. Continue reading

Other thoughts …

  • So my dad of all people has figured out how to make chili for me without tomatoes — but it still tastes like there's tomato in it! It's the best thing ever, especially when it's made with steak. But I have no idea how he gets the spices to mimic tomato …
  • After making an amazing Reese's substitute for Halloween, I'm now in search of substitutes to my favorite pumpkin treats: pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes and more! :)

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Welcome to An Impossible Feast, my blog dedicated to living with multiple food allergies — specifically eggs, peanuts, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, oats, tomatoes and cantaloupe. For more about me, check out the About page or click on my Gravatar.

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